What We Do


Things We Do Here at Foundation

The Foundation identifies four goals that will be focused on in providing services and funds to the community which are: consulting, outreach, networking and grants.


Designed for service agencies, non-profit organizations, corporations and/or educational programs that work with Deaf people on how to become more Deaf-centered, deal with audism, shift from either medical or social welfare dimension towards a Deafhood dimension in that organization’s thinking, discourses and policies involving Deaf people to start seeing Deaf people with a healthier, more wholesome, and positive attitude.

This consulting service includes site visits where analysis and recommendations will be made on the programs, mission, vision, bylaws, strategies for interactions with customers, clients and co-workers towards the goal of making the organization and services more Deaf-centered and Deaf-friendly. 

If you or your organization are interested in our consulting services, please contact us at consulting@deafhoodfoundation.org.


Assuring and providing access to workshops, trainings, courses and so forth from two hours to year long for community and/or organizations to better understand the Deafhood concept, how audism and colonialism works and their adverse effects on us all.

Check “Events” on this website for upcoming presentations, workshops, courses, and our other Outreach activities. If your organization is interested in hosting an all-day workshop or a couple of hours presentation on Deafhood or the foundation, please e-mail us at outreach@deafhoodfoundation.org.


As an example, networking can bring together those of us who have read Dr. Paddy Ladd’s book “Understanding Deaf Culture: in search of Deafhood” or taken a course or workshop to share ideas, activities and dialogues that brings us steps closer to a Deaf-centered definition of Deaf Unity for the purpose of achieving our Vision together.

Another example is building a curriculum from those who have taught Deafhood courses and workshops and also a reference system for potential teachers or trainers of Deafhood classes and workshops in other places of the country and world. 


This is an area the Foundation is especially determined to implement. We look forward to building an endowment fund with the ability to regularly provide grants to organizations or individuals working with organizations especially in those categories: arts,  media, education, activism and research.

The research aspect would focus on those potential areas: language, economics, mental health, culture, science, and medicine all through the Deafhood lens. 

For more information, e-mail info@deafhoodfoundation.org.

Marvin Miller, board member of the Foundation, explains what the four areas of focus here at the Deafhood Foundation: consulting, outreach, networking and giving out grants. [Transcript]